1'' Two Bolt Flange Bearing Unit HCFT205-16 with Eccentric Locking Collar

GJP 1" Two Bolt Flange Bearing Unit HCFT205-16 With Eccentric Locking Collar, it is round bore, with square outlooking, two bolt equally located in both side, one eccentric locking collar, and one set screw on the collar

Product Details

Description-1 inch bore flanged Pillow Block Bearing HCFT205-16

GJP Bar Code Number: 6935329824133

GJP 1" Two Bolt Flange Bearing Unit HCFT205-16 With Eccentric Locking Collar, it is round bore, with square outlooking, two bolt equally located in both side, one eccentric locking collar, and one set screw on the collar, the housing is medium or heavy duty design, and has standard mounted hole center-to-center, and normal mounted base to bearing center dimension, the insert ball bearing HC205-16 is designed by GJP with anti-rotating pin to fasten together with the housing FT205, there are various series of sealing type for customers’choice, GJP design with blue color per USA technical standard, as this items are mostly sold in the United State.

HCFT205-16 two bolt flange unit is widely used on farming field.


GJP: HCFT205-16

AMI: UGFJT205-16

Asahi: UGFJT205-16

Browning: VF2E-216

Dodge: F2B-SXR-100

Fafnir: RCJT-1

FYH: NANFL205-16


Link-Belt: FX3-Y216N

NTN: UELFLU205-100D1

Peer: HCFTS205-16

Sealmaster: RFT-16E



Basic Dimensions

Bore Size

Housing Length

Center Bolt to Bolt Size

Housing Width

Housing Base Thickness

Bolt Size


4 7/8"

3 57/64"

2 3/4"

1 5/16"


Technical Data for GJP HCFT205-16

Type: 2 Bolt Flanged Pillow Block Bearing

Housing No.: FT205

Bearing Insert No.: HC205-16

Material For Bearing Insert: 100% Chrome Steel Gcr15(AISI 52100)

Grade For Steel Ball: G10 Grade Chrome Steel Ball.

Materia of Bearing Cage: #10 Steel

Stopping Pin Material on OD of OR: Chrome Steel Gcr15

Sealing Type: F Seal, L3 Seal And Normal NBR Seal are available for customers’selection.

Eccentric Locking Collar: #45 Carbon Steel

Grease: 20% to 50% Mobil Grease

Bearing Race and Steel Ball Hardness: HRC59 to HRC62

Bearing Housing Material: HT200 Grey Cast Iron

Housing Color: Green, Blue, Grey, Black Color available.

Whole Unit Assembly Type: J7 Tight Fitting

Housing Weight: 0.69KGS

Quality Control: Under ISO: 9001: 2008 Certificate

Package: 1*1 Single GJP poly bag+1*1 Single GJP color box+1*1 GJP outer carton

Basic Loading(Cr): 14KN

Basic Loading(Cor): 7.85KN

GJP produce also the belowing HCFT type Mounted Unit Bearings:

GJP   Unit NO.Shaft Dia dDimensions(mm)Bolt UsedBearing No.Housing No.Housing WT(kg)Interchange NO.
1211276.217.1112510.56033.12610  5/16M8HCW201FT2030.28NANFL201
HCFT201-8  1/2
11276.217.1112510.56033.12610  5/16M8HCW201-8FT2030.28NANFL201-8
HCFT202-9  9/16
11276.217.1112510.56033.12610  5/16M8HCW202-9FT2030.28NANFL202-9
HCFT202-10  5/8
11276.217.1112510.56033.12610  5/16M8HCW202-10FT2030.28NANFL202-10
1511276.217.1112510.56033.12610  5/16M8HCW202FT2030.28NANFL202
1711276.217.1112510.56033.12610  5/16M8HCW203FT2030.28NANFL203
HCFT203-11 11/16
11276.217.1112510.56033.12610  5/16M8HCW203-11FT2030.28NANFL203-11
2011289.714.3112510.56032.63112.7  5/16M8HC204FT2040.28NANFL204
HCFT205-13 13/16
12498.815.9132712.57035.634.114.3  3/8M10HC205-13FT2050.47NANFL205-13
HCFT205-14  7/8
12498.815.9132712.57035.634.114.3  3/8M10HC205-14FT2050.47NANFL205-14
HCFT205-15 15/16
12498.815.9132712.57035.634.114.3  3/8M10HC205-15FT2050.47NANFL205-15
12498.815.9132712.57035.634.114.3  3/8M10HC205-16FT2050.47NANFL205-16
2512498.815.9132712.57035.634.114.3  3/8M10HC205FT2050.47NANFL205
HCFT206-171  1/16
141116.717.9133012.58340.138.115.9  3/8M10HC206-17FT2060.55NANFL206-17
HCFT206-181  1/8
141116.717.9133012.58340.138.115.9  3/8M10HC206-18FT2060.55NANFL206-18
HCFT206-191  3/16
141116.717.9133012.58340.138.115.9  3/8M10HC206-19FT2060.55NANFL206-19
HCFT206-201  1/4
141116.717.9133012.58340.138.115.9  3/8M10HC206-20FT2060.55NANFL206-20
30141116.717.9133012.58340.138.115.9  7/16M10HC206FT2060.55NANFL206
HCFT207-201  1/4
156130.219.11434149544.542.917.5  7/16M12HC207-20FT2070.85NANFL207-20
HCFT207-211  5/16
156130.219.11434149544.542.917.5  7/16M12HC207-21FT2070.85NANFL207-21
HCFT207-221  3/8
156130.219.11434149544.542.917.5  7/16M12HC207-22FT2070.85NANFL207-22
HCFT207-231  7/16
156130.219.11434149544.542.917.5  7/16M12HC207-23FT2070.85NANFL207-23
35156130.219.11434149544.542.917.5  7/16M12HC207FT2070.85NANFL207
HCFT208-241  1/2
171143.72114381410551.249.219  7/16M12HC208-24FT2080.9NANFL208-24
HCFT208-251  9/16
171143.72114381410551.249.219  7/16M12HC208-25FT2080.9NANFL208-25
40171143.72114381410551.249.219  7/16M12HC208FT2080.9NANFL208
HCFT209-261  5/8
179148.421.81440161115249.219  1/2M14HC209-26FT2091.05NANFL209-26
HCFT209-271   11/16
179148.421.81440161115249.219  1/2M14HC209-27FT2091.05NANFL209-27
HCFT209-281  3/4
179148.421.81440161115249.219  1/2M14HC209-28FT2091.05NANFL209-28
45179148.421.81440161115249.219  1/2M14HC209FT2091.05NANFL209
HCFT210-291   13/16
189157.222.214401611654.851.619  1/2M14HC210-29FT2101.5NANFL210-29
HCFT210-301  7/8
189157.222.214401611654.851.619  1/2M14HC210-30FT2101.5NANFL210-30
HCFT210-311   15/16
189157.222.214401611654.851.619  1/2M14HC210-31FT2101.5NANFL210-31
189157.222.214401611654.851.619  1/2M14HC210-32FT2101.5NANFL210-32
50189157.222.214401611654.851.619  1/2M14HC210FT2101.5NANFL210
216184.225.421441813358.855.622.2  5/8M16HC211-32FT2111.65NANFL211-32
HCFT211-332  1/16
216184.225.421441813358.855.622.2  5/8M16HC211-33FT2111.65NANFL211-33
HCFT211-342  1/8
216184.225.421441813358.855.622.2  5/8M16HC211-34FT2111.65NANFL211-34
HCFT211-352  3/16
216184.225.421441813358.855.622.2  5/8M16HC211-35FT2111.65NANFL211-35
55216184.225.421441813358.855.622.2  5/8M16HC211FT2111.65NANFL211

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